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Football Challenge

WEEK 06/04 to 12/04

Challenge 1 - 50 kicks

Perform 50 kicks without letting the ball to touch the ground. If you are a young player your goal is to perform 20 kicks instead.

Challenge 2 - Head touches

Perform 10 head touches. 

Challenge 3 -Maradona's magic 6

Kick with your left foot, kick with your right foot, kick with your right knee, kick with your left knee, head, kick with your right knee, kick with your left knee, kick with your right foot and lastly kick with your left foot.

Toilet paper Challenge

WEEK 30/04 to 05/04

The player with the highest number of kicks from each team will be published on the website. 

Tomás, the Director of the Football School and your coach, would like to challenge all his players to kick a toilet paper roll as many times as possible without the roll touching the ground.

Good luck and do not forget to be physically active!

To enter the competition, submit your video by Whatsapp to the following number


Coach Tomás

demonstrating the challenge 

Congratulations to our WINNERS

The Toilet Paper challenge 

Well done to one of our young men who impressed us with his own challenge! 

Inspirational message by the Argentine Football Association

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